Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seattle QRSS Grabber - Offline

My Seattle QRSS Grabber is Offline - and has been for sometime.  In an effort to bring the Grabber back online and make some changes to stabilize its operations - I managed to almost kill the computer. The computer is remote and therefore most system admin is done with a program called "VNC", which is a remote console control program.

When things go wrong at a distance, . . .  they really go wrong - in this case I inadvertently removed some of the Gnome Windowing system, so I can no longer access the console window from remote.

Just to check on things, I went to the server (physical) location and tried to repair the damaged Gnome Windowing system. After lots of "futzing around" I have decided it is best to just re-install/upgrade to the current release of Ubuntu - which I think is 10.04.

Unfortunately, I will not have time to work on the system for a while.  I will do some planning and will download the install/upgrade Ubuntu CD's

Until then - No Seattle Grabber - Sorry!


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