Sunday, April 11, 2010

A visitor to the Shop/Hanger

Jeff - KO7M - Found his way to my Shp/Hanger today. He help put up an experimental High Bay Light via the forklift, see my other blog
Jeff is NOW a qualified Forklift Operator, or at least I trusted him enough that I was the one up on a pallet at the 21 foot ceiling, installing the light. I have a "man basket" for the forklift, but it is hid in an inaccessibility corner of the Shop at the moment.

Afterward installing the light, we talked about new antennas for the Hanger and what we might do for Salmoncom this year for the same.  I have a commercial 40/80 meter rotatable Cliff Dweller Dipole that would be fun to put-up about 20 feet at the next event this summer - I will have to see if it still works.  It is very old, about 45 years old or so, but is in good shape.  I checked the WEB but could not find information on it. I will have to check for a name plate.

We installed a new PCB generation program on Jeff's laptop, I have been watching the development of the program on the WEB, the program is called "Autotrax DEX". I would normally install it on my computer. but I use Linux (Ubuntu) for most things.  Autotrax only works for MS systems (and it does not work with Wine on Linux),  I will just have to wait until I have more time to build a MS system. Everything I have read and seen (via tutorials) make AutoTrax look very good - the Yahoo forum is very active - the developer providing new capabilities and feedback every day.

I hope to use AutoTrax for a HB project - soon.

Thanks Jeff, for the help!


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