Monday, April 19, 2010

Jeff's Second Visit to my Hanger/Shop

Yesterday, I had a fellow HAM "drop by" my Hanger/Shop - Jeff - KO7M.  This was Jeff's second visit to the Shop, But this time he flew in via his Piper Cub!

 A Repeat Visitor to My Hanger/Shop

It was grand to see Jeff and his airplane, it is immaculate, extremely well maintained.

Jeff - KO7M - with his CUB

There is still to much brush to try to taxi up to down to the hanger, as seen in the background below, as it was, we had to bushwhack a little on each side of the drive, just to let Jeff return to the taxiway.

This is only the second airplane that has ever been on my hanger driveway, only my own C-182 RG (about 15 years ago) was the other.

We did not do much HAM Radio work while Jeff was there, but the event was made possible by a mutual enjoyment of HAM Radio, as we met about a year ago as a results of each listening to;  Bill - N2CQR - of SolderSmoke Podcast fame.  Thanks Bill.

Because I have now moved my Shop to the airport, I have plans to re-kindle my interest in flying - and maybe, just maybe, you will hear me on 30m QRP CW as - WA0UWH / AM from a knee key!

Jeff's Departing Wing Wave 
From maybe 2000 feet above
It is not CW, but universally well understood!

73 K07M/AM de WA0UWH


I got to thinking about the "Wing Wave" - it has probably communicated more "welcomed information" than any other used message format (and for it's duration) than that which has ever been used.  And, it is perhaps the most universally understood - regardless of the pilots language or actual intended message. In a disport situation this is the message that I would want to receive.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to visit again, this time by airplane! I will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to work you on 30m as KO7M/AM. I already have the knee key and rig and just need to work out some kind of appropriate antenna system. So, let's build that Kitfox and give it a go! 73's de ko7m