Sunday, March 2, 2014

Farhan Minima - SSB Modulator/Detector

My order of Dual 1N4148 diodes (MMBD4814SE) were received in the mail. I created a Double Sided Toner Transfer PCB and loaded it with parts. See previous post.

This is my implementation of one of the Farhan's Minima Transceiver modules.
SSB Modulator/Detector
Double Sided Toner Transfer PCB
1x1.2 inches
The Dual Diode is the small SOT-23 device in the center right, the binocular core mixing transformer it center left, and the RFC is the binocular core in the lower right.
SSB Modulator/Detector
Soon I will have enough connectors and adapter to connect everything together in a nice neat test string of modules.

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