Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ham License Renewal

It has been ten years since I have dealt with the FCC regarding my Amateur Radio License. And therefore I am due for renewal.

I have received a few notices or reminders; one reminder from the AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE - THE W5YI VEC, INC., and another from the ARRL. I assume each provides good service for the few dollars they require in fees.

But, . . . it is easy to Renew with the FCC online, and it is Free, assuming you have (or can find) the correct web site for the FCC Renewal process. It is known as the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) at

The process requires login Registration, and then "ONLINE FILING" with login and password.

Renewal is accomplished by answering a few questions and check boxes, and then by submitting an Electronic Signature (typing your name into the space provided).

Its DONE !

With NO fees or hassles, which surprised me ! -  Thanks ULS

Now I am waiting for conformation and/or my renewed license in the post mail. I will then be licensed until 2024 !

UPDATE: Mar 29, 2014
Renewed - FCC Amateur Radio License Received.


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