Friday, March 21, 2014

SMAs Received

I finally received my SMA Connectors (Bling) from China, they seemed to have taken an extraordinarily long time in the postage. Actually, I think it was just my anticipation.

Now I can continue "plumbing" my project (see previous posts) by connecting the current Minima's Modules together. This is just an experimental Transceiver and therefore a layout like this will be acceptable for my use on the test bench. The connected layout is similar to that of the schematic.
Modules Built So Far
Farhan's Minima
Transceiver Schematic
There are four additional boards to be built; the RF Low Pass Filter, the VCO, the Micro Controller and Display, and the Audio Board.

The Audio Board will contain four of the schematic's named modules and power supply. My plan is to use the Audio Board and its power supply to provide power for all of the other modules via twisted wire and connectors.

The Audio Board Schematic has been captured in DipTrace, but the Layout is not complete.

More to follow, . . .

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