Saturday, March 1, 2014

Minima Module - SMA Connectors

To connect all of my experimental Minima Modules together (see previous posts)  I have relied on short SMA cables or other adapters that I have had in the junk box.

For a previous special project I splurged and purchased from a local "radio" store an SMA Male-to-Male connector, which is very nice, but it was very expensive at about $10.00 each. For my experiments, multiple SMA Male-to-Male would create compact and easy to use configurations.
SMA Male-Male

I now have on ordered from Ebay 10 SMA Male-to-Male connectors for less than a single locally purchased connector, and the order included free shipping.

To make connections to test equipment easy, few other SMA adapters were also ordered; SMA to BNC Male, and SMA to BNC Female.

For my projects I use 0.062 SMA PCB Edge Connectors, which work well for both 062 and 032 PCB material.

Note: if you purchase SMA connectors, be sure you get the correct sex, there are Reverse Polarity (RP-SMA) parts available, which you probably do not want. The RP-SMA parts were originally only used in some WIFI installations to discourage do-it-yourselfers building cable or antenna extensions.

Note: The above SMA connector image is used here without the Ebay Sellers permission, hopefully they will not mind it use for this endorsement.

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