Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mimima - Minimal Progress

As stated in a previous post, I have started layout of the separate Audio Modules for my experimental Minima Transceiver. I think I have four of the five modules in semi-final form, but I get "bored" working on Audio circuits.

And therefore, I have temporary turned my attention to the ATmega328P Processor Module layout. The original Minima circuits uses an ATmega328P-PU 28-pin DIP package, which is easy to use, and easy to solder on a through-hole PCB, or mounted "Dead Bug" or "Ugly Style". But, I enjoy building my own PCB's.

As with all of my projects, my goal is to make them as small as my eyes, nerves, an abilities will allow, and therefore I will use the ATmega328P-MU which is a small 5x5mm 32-TQFP package on a Homebrew PCB. The pin numbers and layout are a little different, but the functions are the same.

Minima - CPU Module
The above is the first Draft of the proposed layout, the planned Homebrew Double-Sided board will be 1.4x3.0 inches with only 13 via's. The PCB will be created using the Toner Transfer Method.

The ATmega328P-MU will be mounted on the small diamond shaped pad in the center. The power +5V Power Regulator is on the left, the CPU programming circuit is on the right. The upper long header is for connection to the LCD Display.

I am still considering modifying the layout to use a single combined edge connector for connection to the planned Audio Modules.

This is work in progress, there is still more layout work to be done.


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