Monday, April 14, 2014

Minima - Build Continues

I was stalled on my experimental Minima Transceiver build.

The next modules to be built are the Audio section. In general I do not enjoy building Audio circuits as there are just not as interesting. Audio circuits normally use large value caps and large value inductors which can not be wound by hand and therefore less personalized.

I had completed a single layout of all five Audio modules used with the Minima Transceiver as previously posted. But, after following much chatter on the Minima e-mail reflector, where concerns were expressed about low Audio Level, I have decided that maybe five individual modules would be more flexible and more useful than a single combined complex module.

On inspection, it can be seen that the Farhan Minima Transceiver Audio section has several inter dependent connections between Audio modules. ALL modules are required to test any one of the others and therefore flexibility is lost for my desired simple experimentation.

For the last few days, I have left this problem and concerns to my subconscious.

But, I think I now have a plan;

I will layout each module with cleverly placed and matched edge connectors for; power, control, input and output signals. Then the audio modules could be used individually, only the minimal Receive Modules, or the minimal CW Modules, or minimal SSB Modules, would be connected while running tests or experiments. Obviously, module re-configuration would be necessary to change Transceiver modes. Once tested, all modules could be connected together for automatic mode change.

I think this will work, all I need to do is create the "clever layout".

Yes, I know, simple tests could be conducted with simple jumper wires, but I wanted to take the opportunity to find a better solution.


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