Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Si5351A Circuit Build - Success

After the Failure as described in previous post, I modifying my Si5351A VFO PCB layout for proper Crystal Pad Pattern, and finished the build.

This circuit will be used as a LAB Test Oscillator and for my experimental Farhan Transceiver VFO and BFO.

Si5351A Module Ready For Test
The 3.3Volt Regulator is the black chip next to the top pin of the power header, the black chip near the bottom header pin is the Si5351A, and below that is the very small 27MHz Reference Crystal. The three BN-47-2402 Binocular Cores provide ground loop isolation for each of the SMA RF Connectors.

Si5351A and Si570 Modules
Ready for Use
One unfortunate aspect of both of these modules is; the Si570 and Si5351A chips do not have options for changing their I2C access address. And therefore, only one of each can be connected to single I2C control circuit without a special I2C switch.


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