Friday, April 4, 2014

Minima - VCO Module

New Toner Transfer Paper was received and Ferric Chloride Gremlins are at bay. See previous post.

Without too much difficultly, I finished my Minima VFO Module (see description and PCB Layout on previous post). Currently I do not have a way to program the Si570, but with power connected, the Module outputs its default RF signal.

The board is 1.0 x 1.2 inches, the homebrew vias are 40 mil pads with 12 mil holes. Solder Wipe was used for copper protection.

Minima - Si570 VFO
Backside Traces
As stated in the previous post, I modified Farhan's original circuit to include an output transformer, I want to also use this circuit as a Generic Lab Test Bench RF source where DC Ground isolation would be useful. The output transformer was wound as a 4:4 turns on BN-47-2402 core.

I plan to create an equivalent circuit using the Si5351 chip (as previously posted). It will look similar to this board, but it will have three output SMA connectors.

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