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Esp8266-Esp11 Adaptors

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I prefer the Esp8266; Esp11's and Esp12's for my projects, but interfacing to tightly spaced pins can be challenging. In past (see previous blogs) I have used several methods to make the connection to the edge "Castellated" pin-outs.

What is needed is an adaptor for the Esp11's 1.27mm (50mil) pin spacing and the standard 100mil protoboard spacing.

The following is my solution for the Esp11, a small board produced by I have made this board available for your use via a shared project, at:

Let me know if you find these useful, Thanks.

The Adaptors are so inexpensive, 3 for $1.00, that I suggest ordering them in groups of 12 or 24, the larger count makes the postage and PayPal charges more tolerable for OshPark.

A group of Adaptors
Ready for Solder
Castellated Connector
The Castellated Connector is created by the manufacture by routing (cutting) though the centre of a plated hole.

Note: the hole conductor is slightly "curled" (distorted) by the cutting process, but that is not a problem as the curl will be encased in solder when used.

Pin Alignment with Esp8266-Esp11
The Pin Pitch is 1.27mm (50mils)
Solder Is Used as Jumpers
The Solder Jumpers are very strong and durable, and perhaps making the joint stronger than the fiberglass PCB itself.

Solder Jumpers were Installed in Groups
Pin Headers (100mil) are Added
Ready for Use
These four Esp's are now ready to be used on my protoboard.

Some of my Esp projects are available online, see previous posts.

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