Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Antenna Measurements

My Off Center Fed (OCF) Dipole that Jeff - KO7M and I recently installed, had not been physically measured until today. The size of the elements were chosen to fit the available space, and the height was, what ever support was shot into the trees.

Today with some reasonable weather, measurements were taken.

  • The short end of the dipole is 23 feet long
  • The long end is about 300 feet long
  • The height at the feed point is 90 feet, the ends are a little higher.
  • The Antenna is strung East - West, with the long end West.
  • The Feed Line is 450 ohm Open Ladder Line

The antenna height was measured with a Cell Phone, that is, the "Level App" was used to sight the feed insulator, while moving away until the talking Phone App announced  "45 degrees". The distance along the ground (plus eye height) should be the same as the height of the insulator, it is 90 feet.

Judging from the recent received QRSS reports, I think the antenna is working very well. Thanks Jeff.


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