Saturday, January 21, 2012

OPERA Running on Ubuntu, It "sort of" Works

I have OPERA 1.1.6 . . .  "sort of" working on Ubuntu via Wine :-)

NOTE: The following has "Hung" the Ubuntu Gnome Display System, I had to ESC to command line to recover (ctrl-alt-F1), kill the OPERA process, and then return to the Desktop via F7.

CAUTION: Use at Your Own Risk

Two DLL's were needed; MSVBVM60.DLL and pdh.dll. I found them online, but was advised not to download from un-trusted sites.  I have a local XP system from which the files were found, and I copied them into the Ubuntu OPERA directory,

To make things easier, I change the default permission of the executable to "mode 755", with:

$ chmod 755 Oper*.exe

Then I ran the Install as:
$ wine ./Opera*Install*.exe

To run OPERA, execute:
$ wine ./Opera\ v1.1.6.exe

After adding my Operator Information and selected the sound card for input, the waterfall came alive with signals. The sound card was over driving the Decoder, but a quick adjustment to the Ubuntu Volume control fixed  that.

I was able to decode several signals on 10135mHz.

Sill known problems that I have not solved:

  1. The CPU Usage meter does not work.
  2. The CAT Rig control does not work for my FT-817, but Tones are created on the output as can be heard with a temporary speaker connected.
  3. Attempting to Set Configuration sometimes Hangs the Display System
Like most MS programs running under WINE, there will be a lot of WINE "fixme:" errors logged to the command line window form which OPERA was started, most can be ignored.

Maybe these problems will be solved by someone knowing much more than I.


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