Thursday, January 5, 2012

Propeller 30m QRSS Received in California

Another report for the Propeller 30m QRSS Beacon, it has been received by Mark - K6HX of the blog and can be seen on his Grabber.

My signal is shown about 1/3 down from the top,  the transmitted repeated pattern is above the white line (oops, all of the lines are white :-)

Beacon Signal Received

700 Miles

The Propeller QRSS Beacon output at 62.5mW on 10,140060MHz, the current data format is:
  • CW ID at ~15WPM,
  • A Propeller Graphic,
  • My CALL in SlashCode (i.e,. "/\\ /\ \\\\\ //\ /\\ ////" ), where "/" is a dit, and "\" is a dah.
  • Followed by a WA Graphic

Of course, because the signal (and output format) is just software, it could change on a whim.


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