Sunday, January 15, 2012

Propeller Tests on WSPR

My friend, Jeff - KO7M, has been experimenting with WSPR on the Propeller. Check out his blog at:

We have been trading Propeller code segments for experimental Beacons. Due to his lack of a Low Pass filter, I do not think he has actually put it on an antenna yet, but he is working on a HB design. Soon I am sure on-air experiments will follow.

Jeff and I talked about how we could provide non integer frequency shifts as needed by WSPR, I suggested that maybe we could just use "1Hz" shift and let the proclaimed PLL Jitter do the rest. It looks like it has worked - now that's a hack!

Thanks Jeff, I will have to include WSPR into my current Propeller 30m Beacon, maybe after you completed your tests.


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