Sunday, October 4, 2009

Editing my Blog

I am sure glad it is easy to edit posts on, I make many mistakes and after the initial post and while re-reading them, I normally edit each one about ten times before feeling it's finished. More often than not, I forget word suffixes like "ed" or "s" and make other spelling or grammar mistakes - "Spell Check" is a Blessing and a Curse!

I know, I am not the best writer and not as polished as I should be, but I think "scrambled thoughts on paper" are much better than "untested, polished thoughts only in your head". 

I am kind of wondering what "viewers" like you see when this blog keeps changes with my edits?

For some of my posts, I have intentionally made modifications as Addendums or UPDATEs, as more information is known about a project. Other times I just Link to the original post in a new a new one - that is, If much more information is needed or the information feels like is goes in another directions.

I hope all of this free-form does not confuse anyone.

I have to remember that this blog was original just notes to myself and a place to keep associated project Links. If others find this useful - so much the better! So far, the Cluster Map suggest about 700 "viewers" have at least looked at this site since July 2009, and I have received a lot of e-mail about my projects - Thanks, I did not expect that!

The lesson learned - I think ever person should have a blog on which to post things that interest them, there are many blog space providers - and it is much simpler than you think.

Note: This simple post has already been edited about ten  sixteen times.

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  1. I usually edit my posts a few times after I initially post them. For some reason I catch things once they are on the final page that I never see in the editor. Spelling and grammar have never been a problem for me, the trouble is fat fingers, deteriorating eyesight and absent mindedness which results in my thinking I'd written something when I hadn't!