Thursday, October 15, 2009

WSPR Receive on 500kHz

Now that I can run two WSPR stations, one in Tx/Rx and the other in Rx only, I started looking around at other Bands to explore.

I have a few passions; Minimalist Systems, 30 Meters, VLF/LF/MF and K Band.  The 500kHz (600 meters) or the like is something that I have always wanted to explore. G3XBM has rekindled my interest in Med Freq, even though I can only receive. Maybe someone local to the Pacific Northwest has the same interest, I will leave the WSPR receiver on this Band a few days.

Who knows, maybe I will receive WAPR over the pole from Europe.

I will have to look up the Regs for US Ham use of the 600m band, and the lower frequencies in general.


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