Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Reporters on WSPR

For a long time I wanted to run WSPR on my Ubuntu system, after many Google searches I found G4ILO where WSPR was compiled for the PCee system which is Linux.  I downloaded it to run on my Ubuntu workstation.

So now what do I do with it?

I decided to try to "receive only" the same spots on a second Receiver (Kenwood R-2000) as on my standard WSPR station (IC-730). It was interesting to compare the Timing, Frequency and Signal Strength between the two system received spots.

THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN, THE IC-730 TRANSMITTED!!!,  on it regular schedule, into the poor R-2000's ear (antenna) and mine! The S meter went Off Scale at +++40db , it is a wonder that the R-2000 front-end was not blown!

The R-2000 Receiver must be well protected, so far it has not appeared to have suffered ill effects, after multiple assaults.

When I started this, I did not "upload" my R-2000 received spots.

BUT, Why not?

But, How? I already have the IC-730 reporting spots and I wanted to have both receivers report separately into the WSPR Data Base and onto the Map.

I turned on reporting.

I checked the WSPR Data Base and sure enough, two spots were being reported and logged with different signal strength for the same receiving call sign. The WSPR Map would only show the original call FLAG (maybe the "red" (receive only) FLAG may have be behind, but I could not see it).

I tried several things; I change my call to "WA0UWH2" - that work for the Map, but the DB did not report and received spots - I think because the added suffix of "2" was not a standard call format. I think (but, I may be wrong) the DB only reports spots "to and from" active transmit stations? The Map reports "Receive only" stations with a red call FLAG.

I changed the configuration back to "WA0UWH" and decided to try to make the call FLAG stand out, I could move the mapped point by changing the reported grid location "over by one" grid square. Besides, that is where my Data Centre is located and I will have receiver there, someday?  My call "WA0UWH" was reporting itself to the DB in Grid "CN97bv" and to "CN97av"!! It worked!?

But, I checked the WSPR Map, only the original call FLAG was being displayed for my call sign.

I decided to try something else, I removed the last letter of my call for  the "receive only" stations. I checked the QRZ call Data Base, my foreshortened call "WA0UW" is not assigned, and I think a SWL-only station can use anything they desire for a handle? maybe? Or it may be illegal?

For now, I have Two Map Flags, and Two Data Base entries for each received spot. Note, the Signal Strength is very different from each, as the receivers and antennas in use are very different. The FLAGS still covered each other on the map, so I cheated a little more and move the R-2000 up a grid square (now it is; up one, over one).


Now I can start looking at some received diversity reports, and see it displayed on the WSPR Map.

Too bad, the WSPR reporting system did not easily accommodate multiple receiver situations like this? I'll have to request it.


WSPR Data base now allows for Call sufixes, you may see my receive only station as WA0UWH/R - the R is for "remote".


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