Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Forth Generation QRSS Band Edge Marker

With a few new parts from Mouser, I was able to re-implement my QRSS Band Edge Marker for the forth time. See several previous posts.

Now all of the parts for the Marker are SMD; except for the Crystal, Switch and Antenna (the 2pF Cap standing on end). The replacement of the original large trimmer cap with a new SMD part, has helped make the Marker much smaller.

I was running out of old, good quality surplus trimmers, so these new SMD trimmers will come in handy for many of my other projects.

The Marker is set at 10.140100mHz, and will be used as a band edge Marker between QRSS and WSPR. The Marker is very stable as measured by ARGO.

I enjoy building very small QRP things.
The PCB is 1.225 X 0.800 inches,
most parts are 1206's.

My goal is to reduce the size so that I can mount all of the components on the side of the crystal, powered with two watch batteries - which may not be possible, but I will try.

I can see from distortion in the photo, that I need to work on my Macro Photography methods.    I replaced the bad photo.

  • I have started a new configuration of this same circuit that will be: 1.00 X 0.750 inches. I could make it much smaller by stacking parts, which is somewhat like "Ugly Construction" style on a PCB - but, for now I will stick with the flat SMD PCB method.

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