Sunday, October 11, 2009

A new 30m Vertical - Installed

My new 30m Vertical is Installed at the new Data Centre and the Direct Conversion Receiver (SA602) is providing QRSS Grabber Images to the WEB - so far, it works like a Champ! (fingers crossed).

Installed and working!!
With an under ground feed
Radials will be installed later, before sod is installed

The Grabber Web address is:

I hope the is NOT a premature announcement of a successful move of my Seattle QRSS Grabber with 24x7 Availability.  After making several similar announcements, over the last 6 months, on failed attempts, I think I got all the right pieces in place this time.

I would have NOT believed that it was going to take this long to relocate my grabber and have it in operation.

The new Antenna, Grabber and Data Centre is about 7 miles way from my QTH, which means that I can now transmit PSK or other, without de-sensing or overloading the Grabber Receiver.


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