Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minima - My Audio Chain

My Minima Build is still progressing slowly, I have received the audio modules back form and now doing a trial mock-up (fit) with the Audio Mother Board.

As with all of my Minima Build, it is being produced in modules, so that they can be replaced with other experimental circuits. This is NOT the most economical or desirable building technique for producing a working radio. But, for my LAB experiments this is the most flexible.
My Minima - Audio Modules
From far to near, the modules are:
  • Side Tone Oscillator
  • Mic Pre-Amp
  • Relay Control
  • Receiver Audio Pre-Amp
  • Audio Power Amp
  • Power Supply and Regulator
Each of the module's PCB are about 1 inch square and the cost for each is about $5 (for 3 copies) at  I am looking for shorter header or sockets for the final assembly.

The Audio Mother Board has all of the I/O to support the modules.

Unfortunately, OSHPark is trying out some new faster production processes which my board were a part of, the silk screen image as received was not clipped at the copper pads, as it should have been.  OSHPark is now in the process of  producing new replacement boards.


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