Monday, August 4, 2014

Minima - RIT Funciton

I have implemented the RIT funciton for my Minima Controller. It works extremely well.

When RIT (FN) mode is ON, the display shows:
  • A:03.985000+000
  • LSB  RX RDY 
Where the RIT is the three digits to the right. During Transmit, the RIT digits are removed, as:
  • A:03.985000
  • LSB  TX RDY 
While in the RIT mode, turning the tuning knob changes just the RIT digits, +-990Hz in 10Hz steps.

For testing I used 3.985MHz so that the addition of the LO at 20MHz can be heard on my HF receiver as 23.985MHz. And, the default frequency on my Alternate Tuning Method Minima Controller for 80m is 3.985MHz.

RIT can be turned ON/OFF with a simple press of the FN button.


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