Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Minima - Split Operation

For the last few days I have been finalizing the last little bits of code necessary to implement "Split Operation".  I had a bug that just eluded my understanding, I just could NOT see the "forest" for the "trees".

To get another set of eyes on it, I ask Jeff - KO7M to take a look. I sent him the code files and we chatted a few minutes before he left work and was heading home. AND THEN, WHILE DRIVING home we chatted some more on his cell, he was debugging the Sketch from memory !

I guess that is one of the great skills he learned when doing similar software consulting for many years at Microsoft.

I do not know how he does it. As always, he zeroed right in to the problem, we found the fault and I had a solution before he got home.

A few minutes to rewrite a few line, and the problem was solved.

So now, "Split Operation" works on the Minima using my "Alternate Tuning Method". See previous posts for details.

While in "Split Mode" the "A:" VFO is displayed as "a:", similar for "B:" is "b:".

The Displayed VFO is always Receive frequency, while the "other" VFO is used for Transmit.  Regardless, the system will only allow Transmit within the Ham Bands.

Thanks, Jeff !



  1. Heh, you give me too much credit. Actually we were chatting on Skype on my iPad and yes, I was using hands free as required by law... :)