Sunday, August 3, 2014

Minima - Software Progress

With a now working Minima Controller board (see previous post), I can continue software development and test.

I have just added the following functions to my Minima GitHub Repository:
  • Tuning by 2500Hz Steps (mode set via button 7)
  • Re-Center Tuning Knob while any button is pressed, without changing the Freq

I now have working, but not officially published:
  • RIT is working as expected (tested via the Si570 RF output)
  • Limit TX to within the Ham Bands (currently, the user must control Sidebands out side of the Ham Bands)

The above new functions are added to the current list:
  • High resolution, plus/minus 1Hz Tuning (thanks to Jeff - KO7M).
  • Near Normal Dial Tuning Method as found on most Dial Radio system.
  • Tuning Cursor positioning via Left/Right push buttons.
  • Automatic (original) or Manual Selection of Sideband via push button.
  • Ham Band Switching via Up and Down push buttons
  • Nine Ham Band Memories, with Frequency and Sideband Saved
  • RF386 Power Amplifier Filter Selection via generated clock pulses (Note: Not a lot of testing has been done on this yet)
More clean up and testing is needed.



  1. Elton .j have to go(take) up the vfo with arduino your soft version 0.4.erb.
    Not possible the compliler!!!!!
    Would miss files:
    Source(Spring) spins Morsetable c ++ and AlMAIN c ++ in bookshop can you send them to me svp?????
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