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Minima - My Button Help Text

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My Minima Controller Alternate Tuning Method Help Text

Tuning Knob Operations, used for both Frequency and RIT

   Tuning POT = Incremental Near Center
   Tuning POT = Auto Increment Near Extremes
   Tuning POT = Faster Auto Increment At Extremes

Button Operations

   Btn1 is the original Minima FN Button
   Btn2-Btn7 are added, see:

   Btn1 Single_Press = Toggles: RIT Mode ON/OFF 
   Btn1 Double_Press = Swap A/B VFO's, Cancels any Pending Edit-IF-Freq 
   Btn1   Long_Press = VFO Copy, A>B or B>A
   Btn2 Single_Press =  Left, Move Frequency Cursor 
   Btn3 Single_Press = Right, Move Frequency Cursor
   Btn4 Single_Press = Select: USB, LSB, or Auto USB (default) 
   Btn4 Double_Press = Loads User-Preferences from Non-Volatile Memory
   Btn4   Long_Press = Saves User-Preferences  to  Non-Volatile Memory
   Btn4  Alt_PressFN = Toggles: Split Operation ON/OFF
   Btn4  Alt_PressLF_CUR = Starts CW Macro MSG1, Key down to abort
   Btn4  Alt_PressRT_CUR = Starts CW Macro MSG2, Key down to abort
   Btn5 Single_Press =   Up, Change HAM Band (saves current Freq and SSB Mode) 
   Btn6 Single_Press = Down, Change HAM Band (saves current Freq and SSB Mode)
   Btn7 Single_Press = Toggles: Tune/Cursor-Move Mode
   Btn7 Double_Press = Toggles: Menu Mode
   Btn7   Long_Press = Display, and Edit IF-Freq, Saves IF-Freq
   Btn7  Alt_PressLF = Toggles: Tune 2500Hz Mode ON/OFF
   Btn7  Alt_PressLF_CUR = Starts QRSS Beacon Macro MSG1, Key down to abort
   Btn7  Alt_PressRT_CUR = Starts QRSS Beacon Macro MSG2, Key down to abort

       "Alt_PressFN" = First press a BtnN (while holding) quickly press FN and
                          release FN, then release BtnN

       "Alt_PressLT" = First press a BtnN (while holding) quickly press LEFT and
                          release LEFT, then release BtnN

       "Alt_PressRT" = Similar to LEFT
       "Alt_PressLT_CUR" = First press a BtnN (while holding) quickly press LEFT-Cursor and
                          release LEFT-Cursor, then release BtnN

       "Alt_PressRT_CUR" = Similar to LEFT-Cursor

IF Frequency Adjustment (Dial Calibration)

    1. Select a Sideband
    2. Adjust VFO Display to the expected Zero Beat Frequency of a Standard
    3. Long-Press btn7
    4. Zero Beat, adjust as necessary with the Cursor and Dial, or the RIT
    5. To Complete Calibration, Long-Press btn7 (or, to abort IF CAL - Double-Press FN)
    6. To Save to Non-Volatile Memory Double-Press btn4
    7. Do the same for the other Sideband


   The Current Saved/Loaded User-Preference Include:

       The Current Band, Frequency and Sideband Selection
       The Last Frequency and Sideband used within each Ham Bands
       USB and LSB IF-Freq Adjustments
       The Current VFO "A/B" (or "I" if in  IF-Freq Edit Mode)

   Excluded from User-Preferences Save/Load are:

       Cursor Position

   The goal of saved User-Preferences is to return the Receiver
   to a previously saved configuration at the next Power-ON or Processor Reset.

Factory Reset = Holding any Button at Power-ON or Processor Reset.

   Note: previously saved User-Preference can be re-loaded with another
   Power-ON, Reset, or with the Load Button.

Error and Status Messages

   Load Fail = The internal Non-Volatile ID does not match the current Rev
   of the Save/Load code, please re-save User-Preferences.

   Load Fail CSum = The internal Check-Sum of the Non-Volatile Memory does
   not match as expected, please re-save User-Preferences.

   Loading nnnB = This is the size of the User-Preferences Loaded
      from Non-Volatile Memory.

   Storing nnnB = This is the size of the User-Preferences Saved
      to Non-Volatile Memory.

Note: When the IF Frequency is Set to Zero, the Controller can be used as a handy signal source. The software is available at:

The Development (Dev) Respository is available at:

This list will be updated as the Controller Software changes.



  1. Hi Eldon,

    I have done the Circuit changes and started using your "Alternate Tuning Method". All the functions are working fine and it is very user friendly. Well thought given.

    One problem/clarification:

    Every time when i switch ON Minima, after the version display it shows "Failed Loading" before displaying Freq. After this everything is working fine.

    Could you please let me know if you have come across this.


  2. Ramesh,

    What Rev are you using?

    Probably you have not saved anything into the Non-Volatile Memory as of yet.

    Save via a Double Press of Button 4, and reboot. Or, you can Reload and any time with a Long Press of Button 4.

    Let me know if that does not work for you, send email direct to eldonb46 at

    I am glad you like the Interface.

    Eldon - WA0UWH

  3. Thanks Eldon for your quick response.

    Went through the code and realized it is loading the data/Freq from user space. I saved a frequency and it is working fine now.

    I am using Rev : DE.

    Ramesh - VU2MBR