Saturday, August 16, 2014

Minima - One Builders Success

John - MI0DFG
For the last few months I have been working with John - MI0DFG while programming and testing new operational options for the Minima Transceiver Controller.

John is an avid Hardware Builder and he has produced some very impressive Homebrew equipment. My Minima hardware build is still in progress. While developing the Alternate Tuning Method for the Minima, John has been willing to test a few of my program modification.

Because John is 8 time zones away, we have been communicating via e-mail, and only recently via skyp.

John has provided photos of his build which includes the RF386 Power Amp - very impressive! 

Jeff - KO7M and I put them together into this Video.

The build is very impressive, and the resulting receiver audio performance is also impressive.

Thanks, John and Farhan.

Note: Permission was granted to make and publish this video. Although inconvenienced, NO electrons were harmed and were returned to their origin during the filming and audio recording :-)


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