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Minima - Software Progress 2

Current State

Updated: Aug 7, 2014 11:26
Updated: Aug 9, 2014 18:32
Updated: Aug 14, 2014 18:20
Updated: Aug 20, 2014 21:59
Updated: Sep 1, 2014 06:44
Updated: Sep 23, 2014 10:12

See the next post for help text, and here for a users successful build.

The additional functions that my Minima Alternate Tuning Method Repository provides are as following.
  • High resolution, plus/minus 1Hz Tuning (thanks to Jeff - KO7M).
  • Near Normal Dial Tuning Method as found on most Dial Radio system.
  • Support for six additional buttons
  • Tuning Cursor positioning via Left/Right push buttons.
  • Automatic (original) or Manual Selection of Sideband via push button.
  • Ham Band Switching via Up and Down push buttons
  • Nine Ham Band Memories, with Frequency and Sideband Saved
  • Two Memories for each Band, implemented and saved as "A" and "B" VFO
  • RF386 Power Amplifier Filter Selection via generated clock pulses on PD7 (pin13).  Note: It works now, with new revised timing pulses.
  • Tuning by 2500Hz Steps (similar to FT-817, mode set via button 7)
  • Re-Center Tuning Knob while any Button, Key, or PTT is pressed, without changing the Freq
  • RIT Mode, implemented as +-990Hz in 10Hz Steps
  • Limit TX to within the Ham Bands (currently, the user must control Sidebands out side of the Ham Bands)
  • Include Jeff -KO7M Si570 Driver "Tuning Click Fix"
  • Frequency Dial Calibration via IF Frequency Adjustment
  • IF Configuration and Adjustments
  • On demand, save user specified Band Memories into non-volatile memory, and retrieved on power up.
  • Factory Reset - By Holding any Button at Power-ON or Processor Reset
  • Split, Cross-Band or In-Band operations; Transmit on "A" VFO and Receive on "B" VFO (Note: I need to check the Regulations to see if Split operations is legal on HF?)
  • Automatic CW ID and/or CW CQ Calling Memories.
  • Two CW Macros and Two QRSS Macros Beacon
  • User Preference Menu Edit Mode
The software can be access at:

Some Plans

Additional functions that are currently being planned, are:
  • Implement option for UK Band Limits and Default Frequencies

Long Term Plans

Some longer term implementation ideas include:
  • Implement WSPR, and PropNET Transmit Beacon modes.
  • Limits imposed on modes, based on Band Plans, i.e., SSB Transmit only in phone section. A "digital" mode could allow computer controlled transmit via a sound card on Upper Sideband.
  • etc, etc

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