Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shack and Shop Progress

The last few weeks I have been working on my Shack and Shop, and therefore very little time has been available to work on Electronic and Ham Radio projects.

The Shop wall insulation has been installed and covered, and major power distribution runs and breaker panels are complete. Power to the; Lathe, Mill, and Welders are connected, but the 3-Phase rotatory power converter is yet to be connected or installed (for the Drill-Mill). A new distribution power breaker panel is installed in the Shack (Loft), where there will be abundant power for my QRP Rigs  :-)

Many storage shelves have been installed around the Machine Shop and the Electronic Shop. Now it is my task to unpack and organize the shelves contents.

More work and weather proofing is needed to close the gap at the bottom of the large Shop Doors. This winter the Shop should be a warm pleasant place to work on small or large projects.

In a few weeks, or so, my blog, e-projects and interests should be back to normal.