Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Been Working on Cyrene

I have NOT been in the Shack or working in my eShop much lately, I have been at the marina repairing my boat - Cyrene.

Cyrene on a Previous Cruise
Due to life's other duties and responsibilities, Cyrene has been neglected for several years. On our last boat trip, we had an engine or transmission failure. I did not know which, but I did know the repairs could be minor, or something major, Cyrene was stored afloat in the boathouse, . . . Well, now several (many) years later, it turns out to be major, which means $$$. My goal is to have Cyrene back on the water by May 1, ready for short cruises this summer.

Once Cyrene is repaired, and now that I am retired, I plan to operate my Ham Station form locations around Puget Sound, on the water as WA0UWH/m.

Puget Sound is a wonderful place to have a boat, there are many destination; marinas, bays, coves and anchorage. Also, easy access to Canadian inland water around Vancouver Island and Vancouver (city) is always a treat.
Cyrene Anchored Among the Stone Spirits
at Roscoe Bay Canada
(A few long years ago)
One of my favorite destinations is Roecoe Bay in Desolation Sound Canada. According to local lore, Stone Spirits lurk in the waters of the bay. And, often when the water is very still, rocks alone the shore reflect in the water as a mirror image. The reflection produces the illusion of a very long and symmetrical horizontal Totem Pole - A Stone Spirit. To see the effect, look at the shore line in the photo while tilting you head to the left.

Another of my favorite destinations is Prideaux Haven, also in Desolation Sound. The tidal exchange from the North and South, around Vancouver Island, meet near Prideaux Haven and therefore very little cold water from the ocean mixes with the warmer water found in this area. The warmer than normal water, makes for very good clear-sea-water swimming. An online Gallery of photos shows scenes of the area.

So far, work on the Cyrene has been fun. But, as everyone knows, . . . "A boat is just a hole in the water, in which to throw money".

UPDATE - May 20, 2013
Starboard Engine repaired, Cyrene went back into the water on May 2, but sea-trials found that the Starboard Engine would not go to full speed (3000 RPMs). The Injector Pump was removed and sent in for test, repair (if necessary), and calibration.  The theory is that a little salt water entered the "boost compensator" and stopped it from working.

UPDATE - July 4, 2013
Most repairs are done, I have parts for the GenSet, but will have to wait for time to install them. Two recent trips to the San Juan Islands have proven the repair to the Starboard Engine was very successful. At full throttle and 3200 RPM at 19.9 Knots GPS was available from both engines, my normal curse is at 2200 RPM at about 10 Knots.