Friday, January 8, 2010

To My Friends and WEB Family

For the last year or so, I have immersed myself in HAM Radio, Electronic Projects and WEB Blogs, all the while working through a messy divorce of 42 years. My projects have provided relief from an otherwise mind numbing and gut wrenching process.

Because this blog is an extension of my coping efforts, I feel that I owe my Friends and WEB Family some details:

After more than a year of attempts for settlement, on Dec 29, 2009, my Wife and I went to Asset Division Mediation.  The Mediator, an ex Judge, was fair, impartial and the resulting division of our assets was finally mutually acceptable.  All should be finalised within the month, I am not bitter, I wish my Wife well.

For me, the big change is that I will no longer call "The Ranch and my Shop" - home.  I have 120 days to vacate. I have other assigned property where I will set up a small Work Shop, and I plan to live on our my Boat at a local Marina.

For the next 120 day I will be very busy moving, and therefore will not have time to add much to this blog (but, I will continue to read others).

Soon, it will all be over, and maybe after this transition period, I will have time to again enjoy HAM Radio, Electronic Projects and continue my blog.

This year should be much, much better, than the last.

Thanks for Listening.


Friday, January 1, 2010

For Sale - REZNOR OH95 Oil Fired Heater

REZNOR OH95 Oil Fired Heater, #2 Fuel Oil, 82%, 118000 BTU

For information, Google “REZNOR OH95

This heater was used for one season, and removed from service several years ago, and then has always been stored inside on a pallet. Very clean, but maybe dusty.

The heater would be good for a large Shop, Barn or Green House. All that is needed is connections to 115V AC, Fuel Lines, Thermostat, and Smoke Stack. See Label Photo for suggested installation details.

Heater originally cost more than $3000. It worked perfectly when removed from service, and assumed it still does, but it is being sold for Cash, as-is-where-is. It can be fired up for serious buyer.

Lake Stevens, WA area, Pick up only, No Delivery, we can help load via Forklift.


For Sale - Micro FM Transmitter


For Sale
( I accept Bitcoins )

Mount Ready for Use
Previous Revision
Micro FM Transmitter:  $30.00 ea

Similar project as seen in previous posts.
  • 0 Available (Now, only custom built)
  • Built and Tested
  • Free shipping in USA
  • Payment via PayPal only 
MFMT  -  PCB is 0.5 x 0.5 inches
  • The current Micro FM Tansmitter (MFMT) circuit is now on a small 0.5 x 0.5 inch circuit PCB, my previous blogged version was on a larger board. Moving the phone jack to the other side of the board allowed the board to shrink. Most parts are 0603 or 0805 SMDs.
Hand Solder and Tested
  • The MFMT uses a single 2N3904. The output can  be heard on a standard FM receiver on 107.5mHz (or near there). The usable range is about 30 feet. The stub antenna is about 1.5 inches long. The 9 Volt Battery clip is included. The phone jack and input circuit accept stereo, but the resulting transmitted signal is mono.
  • The transmitted output power is more than enough to play my Cell Phone tunes on my car radio while driving. 
  • The suggested Male-to-Male Audio Cable (not include) to connect Cell Phone to Transmitter is available at Radio Shack.
Suggested Cable,
Available at Radio Shack
  • My goal was to make the MFMT available as cheap as possible, but without facility for mass production, the first few are being only being sold to for die-hard collectors that can help fund startup.
  • For now I am only making Complete and Tested MFMTs available, kits may be available later.
Inventory to Build

My Warranty
  • This MFMT is being sold from one Hobbyest to Another, and is not suited for any particular; function, use, or purpose, it is being sold AS-IS without warranty, Batteries not included. I will repair or replace defective units for up to 15 days from date of purchase via an RMA number, buyer pays for return shipping.
  • If not satisfied, return the like-new working device within 15 days of purchase, when received I will refund via PayPal the full price minus my initial shipping.