My HAM RADIO and Electronics Project Goals Include:

  • Build projects as small as I can, as long as my eye sight holds.
  • Use QRP for most projects.
  • My target size for components; resistors and LED are 0603 and for Capacitors 0805.
  • The 9 Volt battery and 12 Volt Wall Warts are my friends, and will be used most often.
Note: Small Trace PCB are easily made using Toner Transfer Method (TT). In fact, it seems to me they are easier than Large Traces as there appears to be less pitting, because large fill areas of seems to have less toner applied to the paper than the edge of a small area or line (I need to verify my observation).

Kits that I a looking at:

A link to DH1RW's fix for Browsers on Ubuntu for WebSDR

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