Friday, January 8, 2010

To My Friends and WEB Family

For the last year or so, I have immersed myself in HAM Radio, Electronic Projects and WEB Blogs, all the while working through a messy divorce of 42 years. My projects have provided relief from an otherwise mind numbing and gut wrenching process.

Because this blog is an extension of my coping efforts, I feel that I owe my Friends and WEB Family some details:

After more than a year of attempts for settlement, on Dec 29, 2009, my Wife and I went to Asset Division Mediation.  The Mediator, an ex Judge, was fair, impartial and the resulting division of our assets was finally mutually acceptable.  All should be finalised within the month, I am not bitter, I wish my Wife well.

For me, the big change is that I will no longer call "The Ranch and my Shop" - home.  I have 120 days to vacate. I have other assigned property where I will set up a small Work Shop, and I plan to live on our my Boat at a local Marina.

For the next 120 day I will be very busy moving, and therefore will not have time to add much to this blog (but, I will continue to read others).

Soon, it will all be over, and maybe after this transition period, I will have time to again enjoy HAM Radio, Electronic Projects and continue my blog.

This year should be much, much better, than the last.

Thanks for Listening.



  1. Best of luck, mate. I hope all goes well.

  2. How can I help? I have a pickup and big horse trailer. I will make time to come and assist. I can always listen over a cup-o-tea.

  3. Stopped in just to compare grabber images, but saw your story, and just thought I'd say "hang in there" and "keep your chin up". Hobbies can be a welcome relief from the stress of life, but make sure you eat and sleep too.

  4. Good luck, I hope that it is finalized and over in a calm and fast way.