Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Needed "HB FIX"

OK, I am Now Back, to do some HomeBrew (HB) project planning.

I currently have many 1206 size SMT parts, but in my effort to build ever smaller future HB projects, I just ordered a SMT 0603 Resistor 5% Kit and a SMT 0805 NPO Capacitor 5% Kit from eBay, the price seemed reasonable.  I would have liked the 1% tolerance kits, but the price was much higher. The kits are sold and shipped by "NightFire Electronics".

I will not have time to use them for a few more weeks, but I just had to get my "HB FIX" - to keep me going.

I am almost finished moving my Shop to my Frontier Airport Hanger (Grid: CN88xc), things are a mess, power is not hooked up to many of the tools, useful lighting is not installed - yet, but it will get better with time.


I forgot, I also ordered some SMT 0603 Super Bright Yellow LED. These will be fun to use in future projects.


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