Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cap Kit Order Received

Today I received my order placed with ebay for a 0805 SMT NPO Cap Kit (see previous post), the order took about 10 days to arrive.  The caps were received in a single small plastic bag, on marked value tape strips. Another plastic bag contained yet smaller plastic bags to put each value tape into it's own bag - what a pain!  Fifty four values and only about 30 small bags (there should have been 54, I was short shipped - but no big deal).

The problem was sorting the values and stuffing the little bags.  OK - I ask for it - I wanted to work with smaller parts for all of my HomeBrew projects.
Normally I use just a few values of components within a project, with this Cap Kit, I will have lots of values from which to choose. But I don't think for my projects (and typical frequency used), selecting a 1.5pF  vs 1.8pF will make much of a difference. Over time I will expand the Kit with single value bulk order of standard values that I will typical use.

What is truly amazing is that the 540 capacitors in this Cap Kit fit into a small 3x5 inch plastic box (with room to spare). A decade ago, I maintained large containers of parts, just so that I "might" have the right part for a project.  And now, my 0805 NPO Cap collection, fits into my shirt pocket.

One note about my recent move, I have spent many hours changing my post mailing address to my new Shop location - this Cap Kit order reminded my that I am not finished making changes. The order was shipped to my old address, because my eBay (shipping) address was not one of the address that I changed. Before I began my move, I started a list of places where I would have changed my mailing address. But, long after I thought I was finished make changes, the list continues to grow.  Do yourself a favour; start your list of your online eLocations soon. I am sure your list will be much longer than you think.


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