Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New QRSS Project

I have started a new QRSS project, so far I have a breadboard small part count oscillator working which is very stable. It is ruining on 9 volts at 8ma with output of 100mV into 50 ohm load - which is 35uW.

I plan to provide a switch selectable ID via CW or FSK, all via two 8-pin chips. This is not a "minimalist" project but it should be very functional. Later I may find a way to include WSPR output. I also may include a PA to pump up the output to 150mW.

One of my goals; is to use my new "PCB Design Tools" skills, to build the finished project, although I have not decided on which software package I like best. For now it will be built "Ugly Style" and/or on a breadboard.

As progress continues, I will provide photos.

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