Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 2009 - eBuild-A-Thon and BBQ


This Saturday, Dec 19, 2009, as before, my Shop is available by Invitation for Building Electronic Projects, see link:

Let me know if you have a special demonstration that you would like to present, it can be scheduled so all will know.

Note: Due to the extremely cold weather and the heaved ground under the front concrete slab, the normal front door is ajar and will not open - use the large High Bay door.

For this event, I am looking for a volunteer to "Meet Greet", take names and take project photos, I missed doing so at the last event and was not able to include everyone in the follow-up report. Anyone interested?

Unlike most similar events, there will NOT be the usual "talk-in" frequency,  but in keeping with my interest of Beacons, there is instead a QRSS "Beac-in" frequency to help guide your way at 10.140050mHz (+- a few).  For a real map see the link below.  Also, once you arrive, there is a prize for the first person to find the actual Beacon, hidden on the 40 acres. If found, don't reveal it's location, while others try. Bring your DF equipment and join in the fun.

The beacon was not found last month, so we well try again!

Due to the possibility of cold unpredictable weather, the outside "BBQ" will be replaced with indoor Tortillas and Fixings (or other snacks), bring additions to share if your like. For brave soles, the wood outdoor fire pit/BBQ is available if you tend the fire.

If wanted, as before I will re-demo PCB generation for new comers, Etch and SMD soldering. If you would like to try your hand at this, junk boards will be available.

Please bring "Show and Tell", Build Projects, QRP Rigs, Small Tools, Magnifiers and Laptops (WIFI, Internet and Laser Printer are available).

See this link for All the Details, Map, and RSVP:


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  1. Sounds like fun. Shame it's a bit far to come!