Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Reply to Mark

This is a reply to Mark's "post" regarding his blogging efforts.

Don't change a thing!

Mark, I would NOT like to see you change anything on your blog. I see your "Brainwagon" - is just that, a place to carry your thoughts and interests. We share many similar interests even though mine may not be active.

I was inspired by your "Brainwagon" blog and Bill's "Soldersmoke" blog/podcasts, enough to do something similar and started my own "Ham Radio Blog". I am not a great writer, but I use my blog to capture thoughts, links, and to blog about things that interests me. Some readers find my blog interesting enough to return, and I enjoy seeing the hit count stats, but that is not my goal. I have met many people via my blog, and I count them among my friends.

I see links to your blog on many pages that I read, I am sure many reader enjoy your content.

The ONLY thing that I would suggest; is for you to be more engaging, reply to comments.

Eldon - WA0UWH


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