Monday, June 14, 2010

Data is Stuck in the Shop Below

I have several project updates for this blog, but the details are stuck in my Shop at a lower level.  That is my Electronics Bench is on the lower level within my Hanger/Shop and my Computer Room and Shack is above two stories in the loft - without a CAT 5 cable between.

I have plans to drill a hole and install a conduit between the two levels down through the corner of the bathroom, to make the communication connection possible. I have wireless, but the distance and the resulting slow data rate make it prohibitive.

Sneaker net, is possible, but that is up two flight of stairs, (34 steps, -  yes, I need the exercise) - but that is too old fashion.

Larry - KB7KMO, is coming over today help with computer setup and configuration for the loft Shack - I have been having trouble getting all of the systems to work together - for those that use Ubuntu 10.04 will understand that the new release has changed how "grub" (the boot loader) works and needs to be configured. Some of the systems were upgraded and others were fresh installed.  It appears the two methods do NOT result in the exactly the same end - I may have, or should have, expected that?


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