Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WinradHD Running on Ubuntu 10.04 via Wine

Until recently I had been listening to my Softrock RX Ensemble on my one-and-only Windows XP Desktop Computer, all of my other computers have been converted to Ubuntu Linux.

Today I found out that "WinradHD" I/Q Decoder will run via "Wine" on Ubuntu 10.04. I have Ubuntu on my HP Pavilion Laptop, which has a Stereo Mic Input Jack (a surprise to me). The Laptop decodes the SDR I/Q signals very nicely, with a very low noise floor.

My initial test configuration used two computers; one (window XP) to changed the Ensemble LO Frequency via a USB connection, and the second (the laptop) to run WinradHD and provide audio output.

Then, via the Internet, I found the "usbsoftrock" deamon for Linux, which is a kind of driver/program for the Si570. It is like a command-line version of a combination of  "USB Driver", "CFGSR", and "SRDLL" as used on Windows XP, and  as previously described. Usbsoftrock runs on Ubuntu along with WinradHD.

Usbsoftrock allows changes to the Si570 frequency via a command-line command on the Ubuntu Laptop, for example:
$ usbsoftrock set freq 10.140
Status can be listed via:
$ usbsoftrock status
I need to find the magic to control the Si570 via "usbsoftrock" directly from "WinradHD" on Ubuntu. Using the keyboard to set a Frequency is not exactly fun.

Note: A pre-compiled "usbsoftrock" Ubuntu package can be found as described on Steve Conklin, AI4QR web page and which was created by Jonathan, AF6YF (now N6JU) - Thanks Jonathan.


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