Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Headset

I have been needing a new Computer Headset for a long time. My old set was getting tired and recently one of the plastic brackets/bands broke and was unusable. I had been looking for a replacement for a long time, but could not find anything that I liked.

Must locally available Headsets (in stores) are of the "pad on the ear" type, for radio work and Echolink, I wanted "around the ear" cup type for better noise rejection. Web searches found several, but they seemed expensive and lacked the personal recommendation that I was looking for.

I requested recommendations on the Sunday Night Echolink "QRP" QSO, someone suggested the following:

Stereo Dynamic Headphones

The Headset looked good on the web page and the price was right (only $6.38 with free shipping), but at that low price how could they be of any good?

But, for only six dollars and change, how can I go wrong, my order was placed that night.

I received the Headset on Friday, and have been using the new Headset since. They feel good, sounds good, and are light on my ears and head. The new Headset has an inline volume control, which is nice, as my old set lacked the local control. The slight angle of the ear cups (with respect to the band) and the limited mic boom rotation angle, requires the mic to be located on the left side only. My old headset allowed the mic on either side. I previously used the mic on the right side, I will have to get use to the mic on the left side only.

The Headset is mostly plastic, but if they hold together, I think they will be a good valued addition to my shack.

I talked with John - KB0ADD, he also placed a set on order, it will be interesting to hear his evaluation report.

To the person on EchoLink QRP that suggested this Headset - Thanks.

Interesting: I see the Headset has increased in price, they are now $7.09

I have now been using this Headset for a couple of weeks, I like them and found the inline volume control very useful. The cord is about 18 inches shorter than my previous set, but still very usable. I purchased two additional sets, one for each of my other workstation locations.

A very good value!


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  1. Thanks for the writeup. I just ordered a set like this and am looking forward to using them. I have a lot of nearby noise to reject :)