Friday, July 22, 2011

QSO's and Camping with Nephews

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went camping with four Great Nephews, it as a good thing my sister went along to keep us civil.
Boys being Boys
The weather was warm on Monday when swimming and river activities occupied the day. On Tuesday, mist (light rain) and cooler weather kept the boys inside the tent with Lego Projects. Wednesday's weather was little better and outside activities resumed.
Tess (my Dog) was in "Little Boy Heaven"
I brought along my FT-817 and new BuddiPole. We were camping on the river at 1200 feet elevation with high mountains all around. I did not expect much success. But I had a few QSO's from around the West, and I snagged a 59 report from N5S - the special event stations commemorating the Last Space Station Launch.

I configured the BuddiPole as a Vertical, as Chris - W6HFP and I had done for Salmoncon (see previous post), with the exception I did not have a TRSB (Triple Range Switch Balun) as Chris lent me for Salmoncon. I tried to order one for this camping trip, but the web page indicated (in error) they were out of stock. So, for the trip I created a temporary 2:1 balun with a Binocular 43 Core which worked very good (I will post more info later).


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