Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tennis Ball Launch Trigger Program

Finally, Jeff - KO7M and myself got together to work on my Tennis Ball Launcher Trigger Program (see previous post). The launch trigger program will help avoid accidental firing of the launcher. The launcher, of course, will be use to string antenna lines into the trees. So far, the weighted tennis balls have been shot over 160' trees. Tess, my dog loves the launch activity!

Jeff came prepared with his subroutines to perform most of the required functions. Our time together was used to assemble the mainline program and test the firing sequence functions. My Teensy Test Jig as describe in previous posts, was used to test the program. A few things are yet to be resolved, but progress was good.

An unanticipated value; was the opportunity to watch over Jeff shoulder, as he programmed the task in the Arduino IDE. A lot can be learned by watching a programming Master - Jeff is good! (it is his day job) The interaction is worth much more than just the resulting program listing.

The lessons learned will be used in my future embedded micro projects. - Thanks, Jeff


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