Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Propeller 30m QRSS Signal Received in Las Vegas

With the help of a QRP After Burner (see previous post). That is: a power amplifier that boost my 3mW signal to a whopping 63.5mW, my Propeller 30m QRSS Beacon has been received 900 miles away by KK7CC Grabber in Las Vegas !!

KK7CC QRSS Grabber
My SlashCode ID is weak, but it can be seen and decoded above the red line.

The interactive grid map shows the path.

The Transmit Path

Here is the set up, Antenna Connection far left, Power Amp upper left, Low Pass Filter upper right, Propeller and Battery below. The PA is a simple un-tuned single IR-510 FET circuit, feeding a ~200 foot long Off Center Fed (OCF) Dipole at 60 feet high, strung East-West.

Update: The antenna was recently physical measure at 325 feet long and 90 feet high.

My Propeller 30m QRSS Beacon Station


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