Friday, May 25, 2012

UI Project Update

Readers of this blog know that I have a Propeller UI Project in progress. The custom board that I created for that has been received and loaded with parts. Some simple parts of the board appear to function as can be seen, tested, and exercised with a clip on Bus Pirate. That is, the Real Time Clock (RTC) and the LED driver seem to work as expected.

The major elements of the board; which include the LCD Display and Knobs, have NOT been tested yet. Their control is complex enough that it will be necessary to tested them in conjunction with the Propeller processor. The eight interface wires for the connector have been installed on the Prop board.

Normally testing a new peripheral device is not difficult, but when the test and debugging involves the Display, which is used to Display the test results, it is problematic. It is a classic "Chicken and the Egg" problem.

To solve this dilemma, I am waiting for an ordered KVM connector for the Propeller (which should be here today). The KVM connector will allow the Prop to be connected to a dedicated VGA Monitor for display of debug information without the need of the LCD or Knobs.

Actually, I have been a little lax here, I could have used the USB TTY connection to do debug and testing, but in my Ubuntu Workstation environment using a single interface path for both; Prop Programming, and Displaying debug information, is a pain. Therefore I have been waiting for the KVM. And, I have also been diverted off to other projects and responsibilities.

My goal is to have UI working for Show-n-Tell at the next pQRP P&C meeting.


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