Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Part Quest

I have been trying to find the part number of the Crystal Pin Socket for the Propeller. I want to use similar pin sockets for my small add-on Huff-n-Puff TCVCXO daughter board (see previous posts).

My daughter board was designed to fit existing holes on the Propeller Protoboard. Three of the five pin (holes) already have the correct Voltages/Signals present ( +3.3v, GND, and Xtal Input), only the two I2C lines will be jumpered as necessary.

Use of the very short Crystal Pin Socket will allow for a very low daughter board profile. In the past, I have used salvaged machined DIP socket/pins that stood up about 1/10 inch above the board, their hight make the daughter board a little wiggly.
Crystal Socket - H3153-50

I asked the folks at the Parallas Propeller Forum if anyone could provide the exact part number that was used in production. Several user suggestions were provided, and then with a lot of minuet specs comparing, I think I have found an acceptable part - I now have several on order.

Only receipt of the order will confirm. Note: the photo suggests the part is longer than its specs (perceived aspect ratio) . The part fits into a 1.0mm hole and its over all length is only 3.61mm. The Pin Socket accepts a 0.51mm wire pin, similar to those found on small crystals, at 0.47mm dia (measured).

This will be a great (but very small) part to be added to my collection, for this and future projects.

I enjoy chasing/tracking down "small and interesting" parts for my projects. I have blogged about many other parts in the past, maybe it is an expression, or a long lost need, of a "hunter/gatherer". I may make this a re-occurring theme on my blog - Part Quest.


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