Saturday, September 15, 2012

Many Similar Hobbies

I have enjoyed the Amateur Radio Hobby since I was in High School and like most fellow Hams, I have met many friends because of it.

There appears to be similar theme among all those that play with radios; They all seem to enjoy additional and a similar set of hobbies. The second most represented hobby is Aviation, either Full Size and/or RC Scale.

For 12 years, I flew my full size and very fast Cessna 182 RG - N5196R camping around the Pacific Northwest and I enjoyed it immensely.

5196R - Flying near Redline
165 Knots (190 mph) at 30 feet
Concrete Wa - 1994 Flyin
Much earlier, my Son and I flew U-control for a while and then gravitated to RC flying back in the old 27MHz days. Of course we had to upgrade to 72MHz to avoid control problems, and all the new stuff was coming out on 72MHz. We could still find simple and inexpensive RC Transmitter and Receivers. Motors seemed expensive at the time at about $40 for a Cox 0.25. But we saved a lot on scratch and simple kit planes. Personally, I never liked; the fuel, oily clean-up and all of the mess associated with powered RC flight. We gravitated in another direction to Sailplanes. We flew at a remote site, where High Start Lines could be used.

We (mostly I) then left the RC hobby spending more time working for a living and flying my Cessna. My son continued with his interest of RC Flying and still has bits and pieces of some of our previous RC aircraft. He expanded into the expensive ($600) Computer Controlled Transmitters and the new GHz frequencies. I considered it all to be too expensive to keep up with the advances. . . .
until recently.

I found and purchased a new 2GHz 6 Channel TecTic Transmitter and Receiver for only $99 from I purchased two sets, for less than one typical Big Brand Named systems. It is a nice setup. The mode-2 TecTic Transmitter is "wireless" buddy cord Ready, easy to set up and use, at the touch of a switch. I am rusty, and still need a little refresher-help when I attempt to fly.

I still like to fly Sailplanes, but now they are electric powered as a motor glider, I now have the Vista Sailplane ARF. Even with my re-newed interest in RC flying. Lack of time, and assistance has slowed my re-learning process. My two planes set in the shop, with the batteries draining from lack of use.

Mark, of Fame, has posted several nice blog entries; here and here, that has rekindled my interest in RC Flying. Mark's latest adventure is here.

The new electric motors, batteries and servos do not seem expensive for scratch built foamies and park flyers.

I also found a $15 Flight Simulator setup from, now I can continue to practice even when it is raining here in the Seattle area. I do plan to spend more time RC flying (and/or fly fishing) this next year.

With my dog "Tess", Ham Radio, RC Flying (and Fly Fishing), I may not have time enough time for all that I want to do - but it will be . . . fun trying :-)

Note: I just found out that my Cessna 182 (non-RG) is available as a RC Aircraft, . . . it could be fun,  . . . but it would not be the same!!


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  1. Glad that you found my latest excursions inspiring Eldon! My own radio experimentation has taken a back seat lately to this new obsession. I'm fascinated by the prospect of building and flying airplanes, with the hole that eventually I'll get live video links setup (linking it back to the radio hobby). Stay tuned!