Thursday, November 12, 2015

10m WSPR from PNW

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After reading Roger's - G3XBM 10m WSPR to USA Blog, I decided to try to help make a USA to Europe WSPR connection.

It took a little futzing to adjust the normal WSPR Radio Dial Frequency 28.1246MHz (down by 110Hz) to get my RF into the center of the 200Hz wide WSPR band. My first spot report indicated that I was above the band by a few Hertz. Setting to 28.1245MHz fixed the problem.

Sever spots later, it is obvious that the Pacific Northwest was very much under represented on the 10m WSPR map, my station is the only one, see: upper-left on the map below.

I am the only Northwest 10m WSPR Station
My goal now is to wait for the band to change for Europe and/or Far East stations. I will have to wait and see if it opens.

Currently I am running my Phone WSPR Beacon APP, with acustic/VOX connection to the Radio (see previous post). I have a Proper wired Phone/Tablet "Radio Interface" on order. With the new interface I will be able to run this and other Digital APPs without room noise interference.

But for proper encode/decode WSPR operations, a Workstation running the complete "WSPR" program is really necessary as the Android WSPR App does not decode received signals, it runs in Beacon mode only. Some other Digital Phone Apps will encode and decode, see DroidPSK.

UPDATE: 21:45Z

Now 10m is opening West to Australia.
10m at 21:45Z
It will be interesting to see what happen when the "Gray Line" gets nearer my location.

Interesting, some people spell it "Gray Line" and others "Grey Line"?  I think "Gray Line" is correct.

UPDATE: 01:30Z

Well, the "Gray Line" was uneventful, only one station, I was expecting more Far East spots.

10m Spots At and After Gray Line

UPDATE: 01:50Z

QSY to 40m WSPR.

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  1. "Gray" is a decidedly American preference, while "Grey" appears to be a British preference. It really doesn't matter with only a small number of exceptions...

    1. A person's name.
    2. Greyhound, not grayhound.
    3. "The gray", which is a scientific measurement of the absorption of one joule of radiation energy by one kilogram of matter.
    4. When targeting your writing to a predominantly A-merican (grAy) or E-nglish (grEy) audience.

    Otherwise, it is mostly a personal choice which you use.