Monday, July 27, 2009

More PropNet Trials and Tribulations

I have been working on PropNet most of the day, and still not a single spot received by others. I have removed all other Radio Control programs from the transmit control computer, and reset tones and frequency to default.

I set up another receiver, connected to a dummy load and -30db of antenna attenuation, and a PSK31 decoder (fldigi) on yet another computer. The received signal looks and decodes fine along with the checks, as:
  • wa0uwh>hg:[cn97bv]PHG2000F4/^A06A

Next I will have to have someone try to receive my ground wave at their station, maybe I am over modulating, but I don't think so.

I found an interesting way to look at the "PropNet Database" received data (just wait and watch):
  • telnet 2023
Anyone can use this to watch what is being received. Apparently, a line with 2 commas before the "*" is a spot report by the listed station, while a line with 1 comma before the "*" is a self report of the text sent by your Radio Control computer via the Internet.

More tests to follow -

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