Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sailing Vessel KatieLee

I have been working and chatting (via email) with a friend, Larry Littlefield - KB7KMO, who is sailing around the South Pacific at the Marshall Islands in a 45 foot sail boat - The Sailing Vessel KatieLee. Larry says; he is eating his way around the world.

I asked Larry to try to listen to my QRSS, WSPR and PropNet signals on 30m around 10.140mHz from his location - so far nothing. Larry tells me that he downloaded Spectran and ARGO to listen on the band, but again, so far nothing. Larry said that he is planning to replace his random length vertical with a Delta-loop - maybe he will get less noise and then be able to pick up the weak signals.

I asked Larry to key-down (actually mic key-down on AM) on 10.140100mHz for about 10 seconds - I did not receive his signal here near Seattle.

We will plan more experiments, and maybe I will talk him into connecting up the remaining wires to his Transceiver so that he can participate in WSPR to collect and provide spots.

Note: you can see Larry's IP address on my Cluster Map - he is the single "dot" out in the South Pacific. You may ask - how did he get an Internet connection? He uses WIFI from his Sail Boat to an Island shore and a local WIFI hot spot - they charge him for his access.

You can read more about Larry's sailing adventures at:

There will be more posted here about our attempts.

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